Paintball Prices

Everything Package

For the player who doesn't want to nickel and dime, we offer everything you need for a full day of fun in the woods.  The marker, 1000 rounds of paint, all of the CO2 that you'll need for the day, and a mask with goggles are yours for $45.

Part-timer Package

If you're planning on being a stealthy player, at one with the woods, or maybe hiding behind your friends, the Part-timer package might be for you.  It includes the marker, 300 rounds of paint, CO2, and the mask with goggles for $30.

Pro Package

If you're a battle-worn paintball hero with your own equipment, you're welcome to join us for a $5 walk-on fee.  As with everyone, you must use paintballs bought at Spanky's Splats on the Broken Tractor Farm.

Included in all packages...

Included in all of the packages are 

  • Access to an awesome playing field
  • A referee
  • Use of our rustic powdering room
  • Access to our shop, for the game must go on!

A la Carte

In addition to our packages, we offer

  • 100 paintballs for $5
  • 500 paintballs for $20
  • 1000 paintballs for $35
  • 2000 paintballs for $65
  • CO2 fills at the rate of $1 per three ounces (12 ounces for $4, etc.)  Note that the package deals will receive free CO2.

A Financial Tip for Groups

While all paint must be purchased on site, you are welcome to share among your friends.  You might save money if one person buys the Everything Package and another buys the Part-timer, for example.

Be Sure To Make Reservations!

Remember that we need at least six players to pay for the referee and field attendant!  The farm staff also needs time to plan, so be sure register as early as possible!  

To register, call (304)282-7262 or email