A Curious Series of Events


 The Broken Tractor Winery was created when The Amazing Dr. Bob bought a bunch of land, predicted an economic collapse, and realized that only he could insure that his wine cellar would be stocked in the event of this collapse. The thought of living in a world where he couldn’t just drive into Morgantown to get a bottle of wine terrified him, so he started planting grapes. He also moved the winemaking equipment that was cluttering the kitchen to a dedicated outbuilding. With that much more room, it was easy to grow until the equipment cluttered that building, too.   

About Our Name

   An essential part of buying an old, somewhat neglected farm is the ownership of a broken tractor. Heavy things need moved, holes and trenches need dug, weeds need brush hogged, and perfectly nice structures need run into. Broken tractors are nice because they engage the mind and the body. Sure, there’s a lot to be said for tractors that run well, start every time, and never break down. The broken tractor, however, will afford a person the satisfaction of making it run (one way or another). Also, a running broken tractor is never taken for granted. In a world of increasing technological complexity, a broken tractor also serves as a reminder that there is value in minimalist, old-fashioned methods. 

Our Mission

  The aim of the Broken Tractor Winery is to make quality wines and meads with character. These wines are made in a very primitive facility using old-world methods. The wines are left to express their natural goodness, and change from year to year. The grapes (and other fruits) are grown without adding anything to the soil that Dr. Bob wouldn’t want to eat directly (except the chickens poop on the ground, nobody would want to eat that, but it makes great grapes).  Broken Tractor wines are not filtered, homogenized, pasteurized, or in any way cursed. The hope is that our wines will be delicious, and that they will represent the natural goodness of the land.